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Enterprise LAN Security Challenge
As enterprise business models have evolved, the need to open the network and provision on-demand services for employees and third parties such as contractors, partners, auditors and guests has increased. Conversely, increasing government regulation, concerns over data integrity and unauthorized access to sensitive and valuable data, and the growing threat to network availability from malicious sources all have promoted the need for more granular visibility as well as tighter security and control. These new conditions have created an undesirable mismatch between the complexity of business needs and the capabilities of existing security technologies.

A security solution focused on the LAN is essential to protecting the enterprise network. This solution must be able to reduce the security envelope to protect, control, and isolate the individual user. It needs to work for employees and third parties such as guests and contractors. Furthermore, it must integrate all LAN security elements, including access control, threat containment, visibility into each user’s activities, and easy deployment into existing networks – and do it all at LAN speed.

Defining Enterprise LAN Security
Nevis Networks delivers a powerful breakthrough solution for LAN security. Using its own ASIC-based technology, Nevis builds LAN security systems from the ground up that forge a Personal DMZ™, which adds a new layer of security policies for each individual user. Nevis security solutions, operating at wirespeed, combine real-time, dynamic access control, in-depth threat detection and containment, and pervasive visibility to ensure data integrity, network availability and regulatory compliance.