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Is Your Network Safe for 3rd Party Access?
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Robert Whiteley – Forrester Research Analyst

Dominic Wilde – Senior Director Product Management, Nevis Networks


Nevis Networks


Nevis Networks, a provider of innovative ASIC-based LAN security appliances, invites architects, directors and managers of enterprise security and networking to attend a webcast. The webcast will focus on the business trend towards allowing 3rd parties (non-employees) access to corporate networks. It explores the security challenges that “open” network access creates for IT and introduces a comprehensive solution. A real customer example from within the financial services industry will be highlighted, and a discussion of how Nevis’s LAN security appliance solved their problems will be discussed.

Robert Whiteley, a security analyst with Forrester Research, is the lead presenter. He will share his insights on the LAN security challenges created by allowing 3rd parties access to enterprise network resources. He will also make recommendations on how to approach solving the problem.

Attendees will learn:

• What challenges IT faces in providing secure network access for 3rd parties

• The best practices for protecting enterprise network resources and users from threats – both malicious and unintentional

• Common approaches used today in securing 3rd party access to enterprise networks

• How Nevis Networks provides safe 3rd party network access with its comprehensive ASIC-based LAN security appliance

• Nevis’ financial services customer deployment scenario

Live Q&A will be hosted immediately following the presentation.