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Pune India – September 08, 2010 –  On the evening of Sep 1st 2010, while returning from Mumbai to Pune, Nevis Founder and CEO Mr. Ajit Shelat met with a tragic car accident. Ajit will always be remembered as a serial successful entrepreneur, distinguished IIT Mumbai alumnus with many patents to his name, a professional manager, a mentor, an angel investor, an ardent mountaineer, and a passionate environmentalist, with a visionary approach for hi-tech products. He is a legend in his own right.

“Hard as it will be to replace him, the company has found an able leader in Dr. Radha Shelat. Under Dr. Radha’s leadership, Aviram and Nevis team will carry Ajit’s vision forward and will continue his legacy without missing a single step. The company assures its customers with continued strong support” said Raghunath Iyer, COO and VP of Engineering. Dr. Radha Shelat takes over as CEO of the company with immediate effect.

Dr. Radha Shelat is also a successful entrepreneur, professional manager and  leader in her own rights. She brings over 22 years of experience.

Prior to joining Nevis Networks,  Dr. Radha Shelat was Vice President and founder of Librato Software in India. Librato is a technology startup, that built solutions for high performance compute market, as well as for clouds and large scale, physical data centers. Prior to Librato, she was Chief Technology Officer for Symantec India. During her 13 year tenure at VERITAS Software and later Symantec India, Radha played a vital role in the growth of the company from a very small team to over 1,000 engineers; she and her world class team in India contributed significantly to Veritas’s storage management products.