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StemCells, Inc.
StemCells, Inc.
› Read the case study Centralized identity-based access control for employees and 3rd parties
Berding & Weil, LLP
Berding & Weil, LLP
› Read the case study Easy to deploy access control for 3rd parties using the corporate network
Upper Canada
School District Board

Upper Canada<br> School District Board
› Read the case study Safe network access control and threat detection for +100 schools and 40,000 users
South Orange County Community College District
South Orange County Community College District
› Read the case study Pre- & Post-connect access controls. The ability to continuously monitor & report on user activity throughout a network session
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An Architectural View of LAN Security: In-Band versus Out-of-Band [requires registration] : This paper provides an in-depth comparison of leading edge in-band and out-of-band approaches, along with the features that customers should ask their potential solution providers for before making their decision. The paper also debunks five common myths often put forth by out-of-band vendors as arguments against in-band solutions.

Best Practices in LAN Security and NAC [requires registration] : Learn the key deployment considerations when rolling out a holistic LAN security solution including a NAC endpoint authorization component.

Identity-based Policy Enforcement [requires registration] : The whitepaper focuses on the role of identity as a foundation for security policies, and the need to enforce identity-based policies in the network.

Comparing 802.1X to the Nevis LAN Security Approach [requires registration] : Another in the “Best Practices…” whitepaper series, this focuses on the 802.1x standard for authentication and access control and compares it to the relevant functionality provided by the Nevis solution.
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NAC on Steroids: Bulking Up to Defend Your Corporate LAN[requires registration]
Dominic Wilde, Nevis’ vice president of marketing, talks about the corporate need for NAC solutions, and why NAC may not be the complete solution for many organizations. Hear him describe the Nevis vision of LAN security solutions and identity-based policy enforcement in this 27 minute podcast.
Customer Webinar: UCDSB Case Study[requires registration]
Customer Webinar: Aptuit Success Story[requires registration]
Aptuit is a global biosciences firm with over 1,800 employees. They deployed Nevis to control guest access to the network and sensitive systems, as well as to control intellectual property they share with partners through the collaborative drug development process. Hear how they deployed Nevis to accomplish a wide range of network security objectives. Note: Must be viewed with Internet Explorer (IE).
Customer Webinar: SOCCCD Success Story[requires registration]
The South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) has over 40,000 faculty and students on two main campuses plus the district office. Hear how SOCCCD deployed Nevis to implement role-based access controls to sensitive district data. Note: This must be viewed with Internet Explorer (IE).
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NevITM-3003-A [PDF]
NevITM-3004-A [PDF]
NevITM-3006-A [PDF]
NevITM-3006-B [PDF]