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NAC on Steroids: Bulking Up to Defend Your Corporate LAN [requires registration]
Dominic Wilde, Nevis’ vice president of marketing, talks about the corporate need for NAC solutions, and why NAC may not be the complete solution for many organizations. Hear him describe the Nevis vision of LAN security solutions and identity-based policy enforcement in this 27 minute podcast.

Customer Webinar: UCDSB Case Study [requires registration]
The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) is a large rural school district in eastern Ontario, Canada. Jeremy Hobbs describes his Nevis deployment which facilitates identity-based access policies for over 40,000 users at over 100 campuses on his network. Jeremy takes listeners through tangible ROI cases, such has improving user policy management and wireless gateway administration that saves him multiple person-years in IT costs. Jeremy is sold on an identity-based network infrastructure and what it can do to enable his users to be more effective as well as reduce his own overhead costs.

Customer Webinar: Aptuit Success Story [requires registration]
Aptuit is a global biosciences firm with over 1,800 employees. They deployed Nevis to control guest access to the network and sensitive systems, as well as to control intellectual property they share with partners through the collaborative drug development process. Hear how they deployed Nevis to accomplish a wide range of network security objectives.

Customer Webinar: SOCCCD Success Story [requires registration]
The South Orange County Community College District (SOCCCD) has over 40,000 faculty and students on two main campuses plus the district office. Hear how SOCCCD deployed Nevis to implement role-based access controls to sensitive district data.

Persistent LAN Security Presentation [requires registration] | May 21, 2007
What is LAN Security? How can your protect your internal network from a full range of threats? Find out in this brief presentation by Dominic Wilde, Nevis Networks’ VP of Marketing.

On-Demand Webcast:
On-Demand Webcast: “Is Your Network Safe for 3rd Party Access?” [requires registration]
Learn more about the business trend to allow 3rd parties (non-employees) access to corporate networks and the LAN security challenges it creates. A best practices approach will be presented and an overview on how Nevis uniquely provides a comprehensive solution to the problem.
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On-Demand Webcast: “Who’s Controlling PCs on Your LAN?” [requires registration]
Malware attacks are on the rise and getting more sophisticated. Learn more about these attacks and how to protect your LAN in an informative webcast.
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