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White Papers

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An Architectural View of LAN Security: In-Band versus Out-of-Band [PDF] : This paper provides an in-depth comparison of leading edge in-band and out-of-band approaches, along with the features that customers should ask their potential solution providers for before making their decision. The paper also debunks five common myths often put forth by out-of-band vendors as arguments against in-band solutions.

Best Practices in LAN Security and NAC [PDF] : Learn the key deployment considerations when rolling out a holistic LAN security solution including a NAC endpoint authorization component.

Identity-based Policy Enforcement [PDF] : The whitepaper focuses on the role of identity as a foundation for security policies, and the need to enforce identity-based policies in the network. The ROI advantages of such an approach are shown in the context of a policy lifecycle.

Comparing 802.1X to the Nevis LAN Security Approach [PDF] : Another in the “Best Practices…” whitepaper series, this focuses on the 802.1x standard for authentication and access control and compares it to the relevant functionality provided by the Nevis solution. While 802.1x has grown to be ubiquitous, it is still relatively immature and may not provide all the policy enforcement features commonly required in most organizations.

Getting the “NAC” of LAN Security [PDF] : Spire Research provides their perspective on NAC deployments and how to achieve maximum benefit from deployments.

NAC – Beyond Endpoint Checking [PDF] : Proper access policy enforcement goes well beyond validating the endpoints accessing the network. Learn what other security services are required for a complete solution as well as the Nevis approach to implementing them.

Tech Brief: Application Recognition [PDF] : Application recognition is an important component of threat detection. Malware can easily propagate over peer-to-peer protocols. Other application protocols, such as instant messaging represent a compliance challenge for organizations and need to be tightly controlled. A complete LAN security solution needs to include this capability, and the performance of this feature turns out to be a critical factor in meeting customer requirements, and improving network quality of service.

Mitigating Insider Risk: Effective Access Control in the LAN [PDF]

Securing Your VLAN Architecture [PDF]

Malware Risk Reduction: Best Practices Guidelines [PDF]