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Nevis End Point Security Solution

Nevis End Point Security Solution (NevEPS) is an Out Of Band appliance solution providing automated endpoint compliance, user authentication, quarantining, guest user provisioning and management and comprehensive reporting features.

The solution makes sure that all endpoints in the organization are compliant with respect to the organizational policies. NevEPS can scan every endpoint in the organization with the help of an agent deployed on it, remediate it automatically or quarantine it using vlan switching of downstream switches.

NevEPS participates in the user authentication and allows access to the network only after successful authentication using vlan switching techniques. Users can use various devices like desktops, laptops, handheld devices like smartphones, etc  to access the network.

It also collects and reports information of non-compliant systems in the organization. All non-compliance reports are available at the click of a button.

The Issue
Organizations have a suite of software’s installed on the endpoints like Patch Management, Anti-Virus, Anit-Spam, etc. However, because of a variety of reasons, the endpoints may not be up to date with respect to the software levels as expected. Further, software agents responsible for DLP, encryption, etc. may get disabled knowingly or un-knowingly.

These issues pose a high security risk to organizations and can potentially cause damage to the organizations.

The key is to detect non-compliance and enforce quarantine and/or remediation actions on the endpoint.

NevEPS provides a simple to install and easy way of achieving these goals.

NevEPS is a standalone appliance which is positioned in an Out Of Band mode in the network.


  • Endpoint Integrity Checks
  •  Auto-remediation of OS patches, AV/AS engine
  •  Authentication
  •  Network Access Enforcement
  •  Guest Provisioning
  •  Messaging Client
  •  Centralized Reporting


  •   Reduce Cost and Complexity of Risk Management
  •   Tighter Control and Visibility of Regulatory Compliance
  •   Provision Appropriate Network Access for Non-employees
  •   Mitigate the Risk of Endpoint Vulnerabilities
  •   Centralized view of endpoint compliance to network administrator