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Upper Canada District School Board Recognized for Innovative NAC Deployment of Nevis Networks Identity-Based Access Control

Mountain View, Calif. – December 3, 2007 – Nevis Networks, a market leader in identity-based policy enforcement solutions that control network access and secure sensitive resources, today announced that its customer the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB), one of the largest public school districts in Ontario, Canada, has received an honorable mention for Network World’s “Enterprise All Star” award. Voting for readers’ “Favorite All Star Honorable Mention” is currently in process with Nevis Networks in the lead. The competition honors user organizations that demonstrate exceptional use of network technology to further business objectives, showcasing how technology can reduce spending, improve profits, grow the business or otherwise drastically impact operations.

UCDSB covers a geographical area larger than the size of Connecticut in rural south-eastern Ontario and is responsible for supporting over 100 K-12 schools with approximately 35,000 students and 5,500 staff. Nevis’ LANenforcer 2024 LAN security appliances are deployed centrally within UCDSB’s private network to provide persistent network access control and threat protection before and after users gain access to the network. It uniquely combines clientless endpoint integrity verification, identity-based access control, and wire-speed threat detection—stateful firewall; traffic, protocol and behavioral anomaly detection, intrusion prevention system (IPS) and quarantine, to detect and stop known and zero-day threats.

To better support UCDSB’s goal of 100 percent wireless coverage at all of its sites, the Nevis solution was deployed as a way to bypass traditional means of securing wireless access points like MAC address filtering by providing centralized access control, making wireless access both secure and manageable.

“Besides securing access, Nevis’ solution saves us substantial administration time,” said UCDSB CIO Jeremy Hobbs. “We went from 600 staff hours a month to virtually none. This equates to almost $100,000 savings a year.”

“We are pleased that UCDSB has received this prestigious industry recognition for its innovative NAC deployment, which has delivered IT that is crucial for the district’s strategy for improving learning,” said Dominic Wilde, vice president of marketing, Nevis Networks. “This clearly highlights the value of our products and we look forward to continuing to deliver solutions that yield true business benefits.”

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About Upper Canada District School Board
The Upper Canada District School Board is one of the largest public school boards in Ontario, Canada and is responsible for supporting 100 K-12 schools with approximately 35,000 students and 5,500 staff. It serves as the central decision and financial body for assuring quality education for all students.

About Nevis Networks
Nevis Networks is a market leader in secure switching and identity-based policy enforcement appliances. The company’s LANenforcer product family transparently enforces identity-based policies in real time within the network fabric, tightly controlling who can access a company’s network and what resources they are permitted to use. Cross-industry customers, ranging from financial services, healthcare, education and defense contractors deploy Nevis LANenforcers to protect sensitive network resources and assets, and significantly reduce the overall costs and time to resolve security breaches and conduct network audits. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, with additional R&D centers in Pune, India and Beijing, China.

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