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Nevis Networks Integrates Microsoft Network Access Protection Support for Enterprise Microsoft Windows Networks

Nevis’ LANenforcer LAN Security Appliances to Enforce Microsoft Network Access Protection Policies

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – February 15, 2006 – Nevis Networks, a provider of a new class of wirespeed enterprise LAN security appliances, today announced plans to support Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) Network Access Protection (NAP) technology. Together, Nevis’ LANenforcer™ product line and Microsoft’s NAP technology provide enterprises with the necessary proactive and reactive measures critical for comprehensive LAN security.

Microsoft’s Network Access Protection is a policy enforcement platform built into the Microsoft Windows operating system that protects network assets by limiting endpoint access to those that are in compliance with network health policies. By proactively checking for critical safeguards such as antivirus signatures, patch levels and OS levels, network administrators can reduce the ability of potential threats such as viruses and worms, from entering the networking and potentially causing loss of data integrity, user productivity and network downtime. When endpoints do not comply with health policies, they are redirected to get updates from remediation servers.

Nevis’ line of LANenforcer LAN security appliances enable Network Access Protection policy enforcement, ensuring unsafe endpoints do not gain access to the network and redirecting unsafe users to a restricted network for remediation. Once an endpoint is granted network access, LANenforcer works with existing AAA servers and directory services, such as Microsoft Active Directory, to authenticate the user and obtain and enforce user and group-level access rights. Nevis’ unique microsecond threat detection and containment abilities provide the critical reactive security necessary to thwart threats that occur after a user has gained network access.

LANenforcer combines multiple threat detection approaches (stateful firewall; traffic, protocol, and behavior anomaly; threat signature matching and automatic endpoint quarantine) that analyze each packet concurrently at wirespeed, to ensure that both known and unknown threats are quickly detected and contained before they spread beyond the source. “Through strategic partnerships with leading security vendors, our Network Access Protection program provides customers with a means of protecting network assets and users from threats by proactively enforcing endpoint policy compliance before any user is granted access to the network,” said Mike Schutz, group product manager, Windows Server Division, Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased that Nevis is joining our program; LANenforcer compliments Network Access Protection and the combination of the two solutions provides customers with a comprehensive holistic approach to meet today’s LAN security challenges.

“A key part of Nevis’ strategy is to provide customers with a network-based LAN security solution that easily integrates into existing infrastructures and utilizes existing resources,” said Charles Dauber, president and CEO, Nevis Networks. “By supporting the Microsoft Network Access Protection architecture, Nevis seamlessly integrates with Microsoft networks and enforces Network Access Protection endpoint policies. Together, Network Access Protection and LANenforcer provide a complete LAN security architecture that encompasses the technologies businesses need to reduce the risk of threats that could seriously impact business productivity and profitability.”

About Nevis Networks
Nevis Networks develops and markets ASIC-based LAN security appliances designed to help corporations protect information privacy and integrity, ensure network availability, and maintain regulatory compliance. With its patent-pending LANsecure™ architecture, the Nevis LANenforcer product family combines the most comprehensive access control, deepest threat defense, and fastest threat response to create a “Personal DMZ” around every user on the LAN. Nevis was founded in 2002 by seasoned executives with strong track records in security, semiconductor, and networking technologies, and has raised over $40 million from veteran Silicon Valley investors New Enterprise Associates, BlueRun Ventures, and New Path Ventures. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with an R&D center in Pune, India. For more information, visit the Nevis Networks web site at, or contact the company at (650) 254-2500. Product and company names herein remain trademarks of their respective owners.

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