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Nevis Networks Launches Revolutionary LAN Security Products in India

Ground-breaking Product Developed in Nevis’ Pune R&D Center

PUNE – December 12, 2005 – Nevis Networks today announced the India launch of their LANenforcer’ products, a family of ASIC-based security systems designed to comprehensively lock down the Local Area Network (LAN) from internal security threats.

The LANenforcer is the only product on the market which can protect against laptop born viruses and worms, unauthorized confidential data access, enforce business policies upon network activity, and meet US regulatory reporting and auditing requirements, all at wire-speed. Nevis’ LANsecure architecture is driven by the LANsecure ASIC, which integrates 10Gbps parallelized security threat containment including firewall, Intrusion prevention, and anomaly detection, with gigabit-speed networking. The LANsecure ASIC, and the LANenforcer product line, represent the most sophisticated chip and system architecture ever developed in India. ‘It’s no secret that the enterprise networks have security problems. We see the headlines all the time’ unauthorized access to critical data, massive downtime from the latest worm outbreak, new legislation requirements. These security problems translate directly to business disruption. More and more, smart enterprises recognize that security investment results in greater business availability and efficiency. In India, there has been concern that security could threaten the growing software development and BPO business in the country.’ said Vinod Dham, co-founder and Managing Director of New Path Ventures, the original backers of Nevis. ‘New Path Ventures are proud to have helped incubate Nevis Networks and their ground-breaking LANsecure architecture.

The LANsecure ASIC, which is the heart of the LANenforcer product line, is a revolutionary chip, developed in India, which will fundamentally change the security market in the same way the Pentium changed the personal computer market. Nevis’ solution addresses the quickly emerging market of Enterprise LAN security and represents the most sophisticated system level product ever to be developed in India.’ GTL, a leading System Integrator and Service Provider to the Contact Center and Enterprise markets, plans to integrate the Nevis’ LANenforcer with its Security Operations Center (SOC) service. ‘Data integrity is an integral part of what makes GTL a leader in BPO and call center service offerings for multinational enterprise customers,’ said Amit Bhingare, Senior Vice President, Managed Services at GTL. ‘While the SOC service helps to remotely monitor various security elements (like firewalls, IDSs etc ), the Nevis LANenforcer has the ability to centrally control and monitor network access and provision and re-provision users quickly.

The Nevis’ LANenforcer ability to reconfigure network access rights quickly will be huge benefit to Software Development Centers, Banks, Call Centers, etc, where rapid changes in users and user rights are increasingly routine.’ ‘LAN security is a tremendous priority for enterprises. As the LAN has evolved from simple network transport to a mission critical enterprise asset, any network down time directly affects the bottom line,’ said Charles Dauber, president and CEO of Nevis. ‘IT managers are inundated with LAN threats that are bypassing perimeter security defenses, including laptop-born worms and spyware, employee regulatory compliance issues, and guest and contractor resource access. Nevis’ LANenforcer products offer a comprehensive approach to LAN security that for the first time enables the IT department to fully lock down the enterprise LAN at LAN speed. We are sure the demand for our solutions will be strong in India with the growing software developers, BPO, high technology and financial services businesses we are addressing. We are proud of the revolutionary work our Indian development team in Pune has done to bring this product to market,’ said Dauber.

Reports from network security analysts: “Enterprises face increased demands for security mechanisms to defend against a growing variety of threats and to meet increased scrutiny by internal and external auditors. Nevis’ approach provides both policy-based prevention of undesirable behaviors as well as better activity accountability through integrated logging and reporting. Overall the use of an integrated security appliance simplifies the network security architecture and reduces management overheads.” Phil Schacter, Vice President and Group Service Director at Burton Group Security is only valuable if it can be delivered without impairing the function that is being secured. The LANsecure architecture provides a high level of security, and its wireline speed allows it to do so transparently so that even latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP continue to operate normally. Peter Christy, principal at Internet Research Group with this announcement, Nevis has significantly raised the bar for complete LAN security. The new Nevis ASIC-based architecture not only incorporates multiple security functions that previously required separate devices, but it also performs these functions at previously unavailable performance levels. The LANsecure architecture delivers the power required to cost-effectively deploy defense-in-depth, protecting each user and making powerful per-port LAN security a reality for the first time. Rodney Thayer, security analyst, Canola & Jones

About Nevis Networks
Nevis Networks develops and markets ASIC-based LAN security appliances designed to help corporations protect information privacy and integrity, ensure network availability, and maintain regulatory compliance. With its patent-pending LANsecure architecture, the Nevis LANenforcer product family combines the most comprehensive access control, deepest threat defense, and fastest threat response to create a ‘Personal DMZ’ around every user on the LAN. Nevis was founded in 2002 by seasoned executives with strong track records in security, semiconductor, and networking technologies, and has raised over $40 million from veteran Silicon Valley investors New Enterprise Associates, BlueRun Ventures, and New Path Ventures. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with an R&D center in Pune, India. Urvashi Gadgil-Kadam /Puja Kerkar GENESIS Mobile: 98223 90387/ 9850844823 E-mail: Siddhartha Devadhar Nevis Networks C301, Pune IT Park, Bhau Patil Marg. Tel: 5603 3900 E-mail: