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New LANsecure Software Transparently Enforces End User Posture Checks and Simplifies Deployments; Triples User Capacity, Slashes Per User Costs

Mountain View, Calif. – March 5, 2007 — Nevis Networks, a market leader in persistent LAN security solutions, today announced the next-generation of its LANsecure operating software (OS 3.0) for the company’s LANenforcer™ security appliances. The new operating software capabilities are the result of direct feedback from Nevis’ installed base of customers and the market’s growing dissatisfaction with NAC solutions that deliver only a fraction of LAN security requirements and burden customers with high costs and overly complex deployments.

Key highlights of LANsecure OS 3.0 include:


  •  Accelerated endpoint posture checks coupled with identity-based access control without any disruption to network performance or end users, regardless of where or how they log in.
  •  A three-fold increase in user capacity on Nevis LANenforcer appliances. This increase in scalability slashes per user LAN security costs significantly, and establish Nevis as the most cost-effective LAN security solution provider.
  •   Integration with existing identity management systems to enforce pre-defined, user-based application access policies to dramatically simplify administration.

      “It’s very clear that many customers evaluating LAN security solutions are initially taking measured steps with targeted roll outs (e.g., single facility) that address immediate pain points ,” said Andrew Braunberg, senior analyst with Current Analysis. “While the need for pre-and post connect access controls and continuous per user threat detection remains high, the nascent LAN security market is going to have to listen carefully to customers who are struggling with complexity.”

      End User and Administrator Transparency 
      LANsecure OS 3.0 simplifies the deployment of LANenforcer appliances by providing resilient, single sign on security posture checks for end users. The new OS also provides an extended range of pre-defined policies and “white lists” to protect network-attached devices that enable security administrators to easily and quickly create new access control policies. For example, pre-defined policies for VoIP devices can be applied to all phones on the network, allowing only valid SIP protocol traffic from the endpoint and preventing an attacker from masquerading as the phone.

      Tripled Scalability Reduces LAN Security Costs
      With the release of the new LANsecure software, LANenforcers can now be positioned anywhere in the network and will provide scalability options to support up to 3,000 concurrent users accessing an organization’s LAN, representing a 3X improvement over the previous maximum. As a result, deploying a Nevis LANenforcer solution can cut per user LAN security costs far below current industry benchmarks and protect users and assets for less than $15 per user.

      “As a 21st century community college district, we must provide our nearly 34,000 students, faculty, and staff with secured network access to a variety of district business and educational resources, but only on a highly controlled basis to maintain maximum LAN security,” said Jeff Dorsz, Network Security Manager with The South Orange County Community College District in Mission Viejo, California. “Because we have to be fiscally conservative with our network infrastructure, LAN security costs have to be kept to a minimum. This is why the scalability of Nevis’ LANenforcer is so important to us. We now have a cost effective solution that that goes beyond NAC, providing pre- and post-connect access controls plus the ability to continuously monitor and report on user activity throughout a network session.”

      Dramatically Accelerated Deployment and Simplified Administration 
      LANSecure OS 3.0 puts Nevis in a complementary role within the identity management “ecosystem” by providing transparent, identity driven, network-based policy enforcement points that operate at a full 10Gbps. To accelerate and simplify the deployment of granular user access policies, Nevis has integrated its LANenforcers with leading identity management systems. All identity-based access policies are then updated and synchronized automatically between applications and the network to dramatically streamline administrative overhead.

      Additionally, a new out of band deployment option provides visibility into endpoints, users and activity on the network, including malware. Pricing and Availability Pricing for LANenforcer appliances start at $15,000 US. The LANsecure OS 3.0 will be generally available March 19, 2007.

      About Nevis Networks 
      Nevis Networks is the cost leader in Persistent LAN Security solutions that protect information privacy and integrity, provide user-based visibility, and maintain regulatory compliance. Nevis’ innovative ASIC-based LANenforcer product line integrates pre-connect NAC functionality, with post-connect access control and threat detection, securing the Enterprise at wired, wireless, remote and branch office entry points. Nevis was founded in 2002 by seasoned executives with strong track records in security, semiconductor design, and networking technologies, and has raised over $40 million from veteran Silicon Valley investors New Enterprise Associates, BlueRun Ventures, and New Path Ventures. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with additional R&D centers in Pune, India and Beijing, China.

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