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Nevis shares
June 22-23 2011
Nevis shares “Security Imperatives for Cyber Space towards Trust & Value” at 14th Annual ISACA Karnataka Chapter Conference
The technological innovations during last two decades in IT & Internet have made this world – a smaller planet and has created Cyberspace. Simply stated – anything that deals with information (devices, content, programs, networks, people) constitutes Cyberspace.

While the Cyberspace has helped in increased collaboration of ideas, culture, and economies & is helping to build an environment of trust at much faster speed. But the Cyberspace has also brought forward innumerable conflicts related to the shared interests at individual, community, religion, political, business and national level. The value generated by this trust is under threat through an invisible war of promoting selfish interests by using technological means for the business, political & military advantages. In current day’s context, the global Cyber crime economy exceeds the economy of fast growing countries like India and has been a matter of serious concern for the entire global community.

This presentation by Amit Gupta, VP Biz Dev, Nevis Networks covered a wide spectrum of transnational threats on the Cyberspace, methods & impacts. Besides it also examined the motives, discussed the future environment and presents possible solutions.

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