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LANenforcer 1048 Secure Switch

The LANenforcer 1048 Secure Access Switch delivers next generation secure switching functionality today. LE1048 is designed to provide per-port security, using Nevis Networks’ patented Personal DMZ(TM) technology. LE1048 provides wire-speed IPS, application recognition/visualization, identity-based application-aware firewall and full NAC support in a single device. LE1048 is powered with Nevis’ SuperNova(TM) 10 Gbps security ASIC, making the 1048 the highest performance secure switch in the market. LE1048 is designed to meet the needs of enterprises where high-value data is being accessed or high-risk users, such as contractors, consultants or partners, are connecting to the corporate network. What these environments have in common is that the highest level of threat containment is critical and threats must be contained close to the source to ensure that they do not spread.


Organizations who host high-value data such as bank or credit card records, patient health records, or other confidential information, need to ensure that authorized users can safely access the data. Without such assurances, these users risk compromising data privacy and integrity, and introducing malware and other threats to the network — threats that could be catastrophic, both financially and in terms of liability and violation of regulatory mandates.

In situations where network access is ‘open’, non-employees can access the network using hardware and software that is outside of IT’s control. These users, who might include customers, partners, contractors, auditors and so on, are considered high-risk from a security standpoint and may or may not be armed with security protections such as anti-virus software. Non-employees can connect to the corporate network from conference and training rooms, guest offices or wireless access points — there is no point of control from which they may be channeled into the network.

While it is desirable to provide pervasive access to ensure that non-employees have access to the network when they need it, it is also important to ensure that they cannot inadvertently or maliciously abuse their access rights by introducing network threats or compromising data integrity. Additionally, IT must be able to quickly and often provision these third parties in such a way that does not require cumbersome installation of client software and that allows swift assignment of access control policies without the need to add additional VLAN and ACL complexity.

The LANenforcer Secure Access Switch connects directly to each individual’s computer and provides full switching plus the highest level of threat control available. Each user is placed in a Personal DMZ that protects them from threats on the network, and protects the network from the users. This level of control, which is unmatched in the industry, ensures that each user gets their own individual and appropriate view of the network and its resources and applications. It eliminates any threats the user might introduce inadvertently or maliciously onto the network — before the threat can propagate to any other user or do harm to the network. A single LANenforcer Secure Access Switch can support up to 100 users, with up to 10Gbps of security processing.