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LANenforcer 2024/2124 Security Appliance

The LANenforcer 2024 and 2124 LAN Security Appliances transparently integrate into existing network infrastructures, sitting between existing switches at the access and distribution layers. The LANenforcer Appliance is an ideal solution for organizations that need an added layer of security within the LAN and want to quickly and easily roll it out to a large number of users. It is designed as a drop-in solution, and requires no configuration changes to the physical or logical network topology.


The security and access control benefits that LANenforcer appliances provide are achieved with no requirement for client software, making integration into existing networks easy and fast. A single LANenforcer security appliance can support up to 10,000 users, making it extremely cost-effective when compared to other less capable point solutions. For the price of a single appliance, the LANenforcer appliance combines comprehensive access control, threat containment and user monitoring, while enforcing corporate security policies down to the individual user.

The LANenforcer security appliance detects a broad range of known threats such as Worms, Spyware, Adware, Bots, Trojans, and DoS attacks, while also protecting against previously unknown, or ‘day zero’ threats without adding significant latency to the network. Infected user endpoints are quarantined in microseconds without disrupting other users on the network, providing a significant improvement over the use of VLANs or zone approaches for threat containment.

The LANenforcer security appliance also offers granular access control with quick provisioning, and the LANsight security manager provides real-time user visibility and a record of network resources utilized and applications accessed for meeting regulatory compliance specifications.