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NevITM provides an integrated threat management solution to meet the specific challenges of enterprises having  distributed business across geographies. NevITM provides networking and security management that helps deliver business continuity and visibility.

NevITM is designed and developed to connect, secure, integrate, and manage connectivity, data and applications, cost-effectively, using the distributed management framework, virtualization architecture, and business-in-a-box approach.

Robust Networking
NevITM provides diverse secure methods of connectivity – Ethernet interfaces (LAN and WAN), VLAN, serial and dialup (CDMA) interfaces – with serial, multicast and policy routing along with WAN and DNS-based load balancing.

Integrated Firewall
NevITM has an integrated stateful firewall with the capability of Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation (PAT), protection against various threats.

Traffic Management
NevITM provides Quality of Service (QoS) using ingress traffic policing, incoming and outgoing load balancing and bandwidth management.

Unified Threat Management
NevITM includes inline AntiVirus engine for HTTP, FTP and email access with Anti-SPAM engine for emails. Strong security measures like Stateful Packet Inspection and Intrusion Detection System keep intruders and hackers out.

User Authentication and Access Control
NevITM provides a web-based authentication mechanism using an internal built-in database and integration with external LDAP or ADS.

Secure VPN
NevITM builds a secure, reliable and cost effective VPN. Site-to-site and nomadic VPN, using SSL, IPSec or PPTP allow remote users access relevant resources without any risk of data theft.

Content Filtering by Proxies
NevITM having Web Proxy, POP Proxy, SMTP Proxy, FTP Proxy, HotSpot Web Proxy and Chat Proxy enables restricted wired or wireless web access, bandwidth restrictions on upload and download and blocking of categorized websites.

Inventory Management
NevITM supports for hardware inventory with make and manufacturer names, ports, add-on cards and software inventory with name and version.

Enterprise MonitoringNevITM facilitates built-in monitoring and management server can proactively monitor its network, business applications and connected network devices.

Inventory Management Reports and Alerts
NevITM generates reports or sends alerts that pinpoint either a bandwidth problem or an unauthorized user access to the Internet.