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Consulting Services

Delivering industry-leading products is just one way that Nevis Networks shows its commitment to customer success. Nevis also provides an array of services and support programs that make secure LAN environments a reality. A foundational piece of the Nevis vision, the Nevis Services and Support (NSS) organization offers a range of capabilities comprising a complete suite of professional services, flexible support programs, and education and training services. All of these offerings are designed to create a memorable and satisfying customer experience. The NSS element comes into play early on in the lifecycle of each Nevis product, as the team works to ensure the highest product quality. NSS partners with Nevis engineers to drive product serviceability requirements and to identify, understand, and solve product problems. This hands-on involvement leads to top-quality products and better-trained NSS/customer engineers. NSS is also active in the earliest phases of the sales cycle, working with Nevis sales professionals to help educate customers, manage product evaluations, and clarify technical and business requirements. The result is a tighter working relationship and a smoother handoff of services to the customer’s technical staff once a buying decision is made. With a globally positioned staff of security and networking professionals, NSS is well prepared to deliver the world-class service and support necessary to keep networks secure. Nevis, a leader in LAN security, is uniquely qualified to deliver professional services that help implement a secure and successful product offering. Nevis consulting engineers are experts in all customer service phases from initial planning and design to onsite testing and operation. They have extensive knowledge of local-area networking and years of experience working in security network environments around the world. NSS will work closely with each customer to create a service package that addresses unique and particular network and business requirements. Please contact your account manager to learn more about Nevis Networks’ professional service offerings.