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Contain Malware and Stop Zero-Day Threats

Malware threats can cause extensive damage to data, disrupt business operations and impact profitability. The ability to contain threats within the LAN — with precision and lightning speed — is essential to protecting network availability. Threats can be introduced at any point during a user’s session (e.g., via removable media such as USB drives) – even after an endpoint has been checked for the presence of anti-virus, anti-spyware and OS updates. Today’s attacks are increasingly more sophisticated, stealthy and targeted, making them more difficult to detect and when not detected in microseconds, they can cause breaches in data privacy and integrity.

For example, malicious code such as botnets and rootkits easily bypass existing security controls and can seriously impact network availability if not quickly detected and contained. Zone-based security segmentation (e.g., VLANs) is insufficient in preventing threats from spreading to a large number of users and impacting user productivity and network availability. Rather, a multi-layered approach with fast response capability is now needed to detect this new class of targeted malware threats and contain them at the source. Nevis provides a comprehensive LAN security solution with its LANenforcer LAN security systems and LANsight security management products that address the requirements for malware containment. Nevis’ solution contains malware by:

  • Detecting and blocking malware in microseconds
  • Parallelizing multiple threat detection methods at gigabit speeds to detect, identify and contain the greatest number of threats, while reducing the potential of false positives
  • Reducing the threat containment envelope to the individual user level for the highest security

To learn more about Nevis’ approach to malware containment, please see our white paper:

Stopping Malware Spread from Untrusted Hosts