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Secure Mobile User Access

Mobile devices are commonplace for enterprises to provide to employees. It gives them flexibility to connect their computer to the corporate network, the Internet, or other networks, from work, home, hotels, customer sites and many other places, increasing productivity and convenience. When these users connect to a network outside the enterprise, they may unknowingly contract and become a carrier of malware. The malware can be introduced onto into the enterprise network the next time they connect, downloading a threat that could prove damaging.

Another source of mobile security threat is from portable media such as CDs, storage sticks, etc. where a user may download data to storage media. The storage media is easily transported into the office and malware introduced when the storage media is placed into a computer connected to the corporate network. Security solutions designed to protect mobile users and infected portable media from bringing malware onto corporate networks such as endpoint agent software is expensive to deploy and maintain. Specific IT requirements for secure mobile user access:

  • Automatic, clientless endpoint security audit before allowing network access; quarantine and deny access if device fails
  • Clientless, group-based user and application access control
  • Visibility to individual user identity and location should a security event occur enabling IT to take quick action

Nevis provides a comprehensive LAN security solution with its LANenforcer LAN security systems and LANsight security management products that address these requirements.