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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Vulnerability assessment is a process of identifying vulnerability existing in the information frameworks. Vulnerabilities present in the form of technological weaknesses are often gateways for cyber-attacks, demeaning the criteria of a security structure. Vulnerability assessment is conducted to spot the possibility of any related danger.

Penetration Testing is a process of breaking into the system by exploiting vulnerabilities, in order to determine the possibility of malicious activities, which an information system is or could be exposed to. It is executed with the help of certain tools and methodologies, where a tester performs a course of hacking activities on suggested systems and tries to gain access of resources.
Innovative approach, specialized skills and intense research are three main factors which convert any security assessment into a successful endeavor. Our team presents the best in the industry professionals, having comprehensive knowledge of their respective areas, along with handiness required in accomplishing task in the perfect ways. We utilize automated tools (free, commercial and propriety) and manual testing to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

Combined with the latest techniques and methodologies, our practices and approach are geared up to cater topmost security measures in the market. Our service components have been formed in compliance with the best industry practices such as OSSTMM, OWASP, NSA security guidelines and other various standards used in determining the usefulness and credibility of security assessments.


What can be expected?
Our global security assessment team works closely with clients while developing reports providing clear and concise findings along with prioritization matrix and recommended remediation. Our typical reports includes:

  • Executive summary (jargon-free, true executive-level summaries)
  • Prioritization matrix, indicating remediation priorities for the identified risks
  • Detailed report with impact analysis of the identified vulnerabilities
  • Findings and recommendations to improve security postures
  • Knowledge transfer to client’s IT teams

Value Addition
Our penetration testing and other services related to security assessment will help clients identify existing and potential vulnerabilities in web applications, systems or any network components and possible risks from external attacks. The service also provides clients with precise recommendations to enhance security of their environments, and improve compliance with industry and government regulations.

Benefits of choosing us

  • Reduced cost of investment in employing full time security analysts, tools and technology
  • Experienced security analysts with the specialized skills and tools needed to mitigate security risks
  • Testing conducted in a controlled environment without adversely affecting any business activities
  • Any typical engagement can be a part of an overall risk management solution that addresses the audit requirements of policy and compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOX, HIPPA, PCI, COBIT etc.

Penetration Testing
Penetration testing is a procedure of allowing professional to hack your system to conclude the probability of threats, before someone else does it. Penetration Testing is performed with an aim of improving endpoint protection for systems and networks by defining the scope of risks which can pose threat to your system.

Our engineers are well versed with latest exploitation techniques and attack vectors to match the excellence. We serve to protect our clients from future attacks by identifying potential loopholes in advance.

Vulnerability Assessment
A vulnerability assessment is conducted to determine the weaknesses inherent in the information systems that could be exploited leading to information system breach. Vulnerability assessment should apply to all information systems and system components of a given organization. The scope Includes:

  • Mainframes, servers and other devices that provide centralized computing capabilities.
  • SAN, NAS and other devices that provide centralized storage capabilities.
  • Desktops, laptops and other devices that provide distributed computing capabilities.
  • Routers, switches and other devices that provide network capabilities.
  • Firewalls, IDP sensors and other devices that provide dedicated security capabilities.

Web Application Security Assessment
Our engineers are research driven and keep themselves updated with latest application vulnerabilities. Not only we follow the best application security standards like OWASP, OSSTMM, WASC but we also take it as a challenge to expose any underlying Threat. We follow the footsteps of technology to understand the latest trends in action. We make sure that we don’t miss out on anything by digging deep into the application understanding its architecture and business logic .We take care of web services, vulnerable third party components, OWASP top 10 and legacy issues. Being proficient in conventional application security methodology we strive hard to improve our standards and methods to keep us ahead of time.

Android Application Security Assessment
With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets to surf the web, update social networking sites, and shop & bank online, cybercriminals and malware are increasingly targeting mobile devices with new smartphone threats and mobile threats. Our engineers are backed up with the correct skills to eliminate the risk for you. We make use of world class professional tools to perform the assessment. We also have the capability to code scripts to automate the task and get the work done.