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TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH

TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH

TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH Nevis Networks´ products are key components of a solution developed and designed by TITAN Commerce which is called TPPS (TITAN-PLC-Protector-Solution). This solution is for customers with a production environment like in automotive manufacturing, wanting to protect their PLC´s (Programmable Logic Controller) and thereby reduce costs. The goal is that only authorized users are able to access and manage PLC´s without changing current infrastructure. This protection will prevent failures and their impact to production. So, access to PLC´s is automated, clearly controlled, well structured, traceable and secure.

Components of TPPS are Nevis LANenforcer as well as LANsight together with the ID-Connector, the key component in this concept for access control to PLC´s. The ID-Connector is for authenticating Windows-Clients at the TPPS system.

NAP network

Each PLC is connected to one Nevis LANenforcer which does not allow any traffic except if authorized. All LANenforcer are managed by Nevis LANsight management appliances in High Availability mode. Users are authenticated at the LANsight management appliance. User authentication is done by the ID Connector. Login with the ID-Connector is completely transparent with the usual Windows login process. Using policies, it is possible to manage access to each single PLC individually. All traffic will be logged and visualized so that an administrator is able to identify which terminal caused an event.

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