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Trusted Computing Group

Trusted Computing Group

Nevis is an active Contributing Member of Trusted Computing Group’s Trusted Network Connect (TNC) subgroup. The TNC subgroup is chartered with defining and releasing an open architecture and set of standards for endpoint integrity verification.

The TNC architecture enables network operators to enforce endpoint integrity policies before granting them network access. TNC is network operating system independent allowing benefiting environments with multiple client-server operating systems the ability to consolidate and simplify their approach to endpoint integrity verification. Nevis’ LANenforcer LAN security appliances support TNC and enforce endpoint compliance policies, assuring that only endpoints that meet security policy metrics are allowed access to the network. Endpoints not in compliance are quarantined, minimizing the risk of a threat spreading. Once an endpoint is granted network access, LANenforcer works with existing AAA servers and directory services to authenticate users and obtain and enforce user and group-level access rights. Nevis also integrates microsecond threat containment and security event management.

“The growing adoption of the TNC standards simplifies the deployment of proactive security measures that minimize risk of threats gaining access to enterprise networks. The TNC specifications provide a common path forward that enables these important security measures to be deployed across a wide range infrastructure. The TNC subgroup welcomes the contributions Nevis and other companies are making to this standards-based architecture.”

Steve Hanna Co-Chair of TCG TNC Subgroup Distinguished Engineer Juniper Networks Learn more about Trusted Computing Group and TNC